Contact Me

"All real living is the beneficent encountering of others." - Martin Buber

I've included several ways to contact me:  

You may reach me by calling (408) 831-6687.  However, due to the high volume of calls I receive and the limited time I have to return calls, I am able to respond faster if you send me an email at:

                                                            [email protected] 

Please include your full name and phone number. With this information I can create a patient profile and return your email with link to my confidential patient web portal. Inside the portal you can acknowledge the necessary forms to begin treatment and complete confidential questionnaires about the nature of your concerns. There is also a way to view my open appointment times and request your own appointments. The process is very simple and most all patients appreciate the flexibility of this approach to scheduling. 

Current and existing patients may self-schedule by clicking on the link below:


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