Purpose Driven Practice

"The cure for the pain is in the pain." - Rumi (1207 - 1273 AD)

My practice is purpose driven. Our shared task is to resolve emotional wounds, not talk around them. There are benefits to this approach. Psychotherapy is not a long, meandering search. Instead, we focus on finding and eliminating the pain that keeps defeating you. This can be intense but highly liberating. Furthermore, it should not cost a fortune while spending years in therapy just spinning your wheels. We are seeking measurable results in your experience from the first session.

Getting to the root of your "stuckness" is the way to begin living in the here and now.  Psychotherapy conducted rightly will enable you to feel lighter, peaceful, at ease, balanced, connected, aware, joyful, and fully present to this one life you have.

However, in contrast to this brief approach, over the years I've found that many former clients have returned to meet with me for therapy at intermittent times. Whether to obtain help negotiating changes or simply solve problems, I am always happy to see a familiar face.

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